Monday, July 4, 2011

bathing beauty

No fussing, no mumbling.
Sweet Hattie just scrunches into a little ball to get bathed in the kitchen sink.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas surprise

Today Emery got a package in the mail.
He especially loved the snowman wrapping paper.

His very own crocheted Santa hat!!

Grandma Jeanne, you shouldn't have!

We ALL love it. Thank you so much...

Merry Christmas!

Monday, August 9, 2010

since you've been gone...

Dear Daddy,

We are missing you. Before you left, I colored a picture for you and we snuck it in your bag.
Since I really like trucks, triangles, and hearts, mommy helped me draw those.
And then I colored it all in.

Ruby wasn't too interested in helping.

I hope you like it.

I found the tape when mommy was finishing packing your suitcase.
I like it.

After you left, we were really sad. We took you to the airport and then came home for a snooze. We met up with our cousins Aiden, Hunter, and Livie for dinner. Nonna and papa took us to Dimitri's. Nonna even bought me a snoasis.

Hunter really wanted to spend the night at our house so mommy checked her sanity at the door and said sure. It was lots of fun. He got to sleep in my room.

Before bed, like always, we read No, David! and Pookie's Dance. I was sitting on mommy's lap and Hunter was kneeling next to us. I reached over, wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, and squealed, "I like it!! I like it! I love, I love!".

In the morning, I woke everyone up. I turned on the light and yelled, "HUNTER!" until he woke up. Then we played.

I took really good care of Ruby.

Loads of hugs and kisses.

"I like it!!"

Hunter tried to teach me how to trade one toy for another.
I'm practicing REALLY hard to learn how to share.

We went to McDonald's for breakfast and got to play at the new play place. It was so fun to have my cousins there. Papa, nonna, and Corey came, too.

Then we came home just in time for a BBQ with my other cousins, Emily, Bradley, and Clarissa.

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Allison set up the pool and play sink.
Mommy grilled hot dogs and cut up some strawberries and grapes.
I stared at Clarissa.

Lunch was good.
I like my new camping chair that's just my size.
I REALLY like lemonade from a big cup.

Ruby sat in her jumper the whole time.
When mommy took her out to go into the house, she had grass stains on her toes.

It was hot at first, but then the clouds came in and it cooled off.

It was neat to have so many cousins around all day.
After the BBQ was over, I took a snooze.
When I got up, we went to nonna and papa's house for more cousin time.
Uncle Corey took Donna, Andrea, and Courtney shooting while we were there.
When they were done, we all went to a new pizza buffet that we think you'll like.
Hunter spent the night again and I woke him up Sunday morning.
This time I yelled "Aiden". I got confused with so many cousins to remember in one weekend.

I was sad when he left to go back to Idaho.
I was happy to go to nursery, though. Ruby slept in the stroller and I played with trucks.
There was a sun pinata with candy in it because we learned about weather.
I kept trying to take the bat from each of the kids because I really wanted to hit the pinata a lot of times.
Then mommy asked me to come stand by her because 2 year olds swinging bats made her nervous.
I had bananas and crackers for snack.
And then back to nonna and papa's after a Sunday afternoon snooze.

Today, mommy said we were having a recoup day.
We all took a 3 hour nap.
Then mommy and nonna got their toenails painted.
And we went to Costco for gelato in your memory with Erin, Susannah, and Jack.
I had more than one fit while we were there.
Ruby sat up in the cart next to me for the first time.
I didn't like it so much-- I pushed her a lot and had to have an ineffective timeout in the basket of the cart.
Then I watched Toy Story on the ipad while mommy bought diapers and formula.
We came home to a flood in the driveway. Mommy doesn't like living in the country.
She'd like a house with a garage, not a swamp, she said.

We took a bath before bed.
I was tired and had a hard time.
Ruby kept knocking over my cups.

She really likes me now and tries to grab anything she can get her hands on.

But she sure is cute.

I got sad as the bath continued.

Ruby was content to play with the water.

Mommy made me put the running water in Ruby's side of the tub.

I was not happy about that.

Then I splashed. Mommy said that was the last time.
So I had to get out.
I was mad.

I screamed while Ruby looked on.

I tried to climb back in while Ruby looked on.

"I sad."
That's what I kept yelling at mommy.

And just like that, we were dressed and ready for bed.

Ruby likes my piano.
I have a hard time sharing it.

It made Ruby cry when I took it away from her.

So I gave it back when she started hollering.

And I tried to apologize.

But it didn't work.
We both got our bottles and mommy let me watch a little more Toy Story.
She put Ruby to bed and said it was a feat.
Then she put me to bed.
I wouldn't let her just read stories.
When she put me into my crib, I said "I rock" and handed her my doggie blanket.
She laughed because I was very forceful and wouldn't lay down until I got to snuggle with her.
When she was holding me like a baby, my ear got bent forward and I sat up and yelled "STUCK!" and laughed.
We sang "peace" and she put me in bed without protest.

And then Uncle Corey brought over his new girlfriend.

Mommy thinks they will go steady for a long time.

I can't wait to see it tomorrow.

Right now, I'm dreaming of listening to music with you.
And bike rides in the trailer.
And sharing your limeade at the dinner table.
And watching you "vacuum" the lawn.

Come home soon.
Mommy says it's lonely without you.
Costa Rica isn't as fun as being with us, is it?

Sweet hugs and slobbery kisses,


it's oh so quiet here.
until 6am tomorrow morning.